Tools & Tips

Here we have a selection of webpages that we feel visitors may benefit from reading in order to assist you with product selection & gaining a greater technical understanding.

As always we are here to help you if you need further information and guidance so please contact us
if you are unsure


Achieving Energy Independence - Our view on why a change in attitude is needed

Assessing your Needs  - What should you consider before making a purchase and a quick look up chart for PV Solar Kits

Buying on the Cheap - BEWARE -  The pitfalls of buying poor quality products, read our own experience

Calculating your Requirements  - Learn about the components of a PV System and how to calculate what size system you need

EcoPulse XL Case Study - Read our recommendation document provided to a major London Hotel

Solar Bag Tips - How to assess which bag is suitable for your needs as well as cleaning & maintenance tips

Solar Lighting - Learn more about LEDs and tips for creating a wonderfully lit garden

Heated & Far Infrared Technology - Read about the health & healing benefits of Far Infra red Therapy (FIR)


Solar Cable Size Calculator - Input the data and let the calculator do the work

Solar Panel Size Calculator - Again, input the data and let the calculator do the work

Wind Speed Estimator - Enter your postcode and the estimated wind speed at 10m, 25m , 45m is generated