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HeatWave Heated Back Support

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HeatWave Heated Back Support

If you are looking to to ease lower back muscle strains, whether at home, riding or when you want to chase the chills on an outdoor walk, this is an unbeatable combination product.

Heated Lower Back Support/Kidney belt with elasticated nylon sections, hook & loop (Velcro) closure, battery pocket with DC plug connector, heated panel at the lower back and pull-forward support handles for a tighter fit.

The HeatWave has also proved beneficial for those who suffer from period pains when worn over the abdomen .

By warming the muscles in the lower back, the heated back support prevents those muscles becoming tense through exposure to the cold – often a major factor in aggravating lower back pain.

Lightweight and secure, the heated back support won’t slip or ‘ride up’, delivering long lasting relief to sore and stiff muscles.

This product is ideal for customers who may have suffered from a previous back injury and for those working long hours in the outdoors.

They are also perfect for motorcyclists planning a journey during the winter months, providing a warm cocoon and keeping out chills.

This product comes with the 15V power pack and charger as standard.

If you would like to order additional power packs this product can also be powered by the 12V power pack which has a remote control and an in-car charger.
  •     Soothes & Prevents Lower back pain
  •     Prevents Cold seeping into your back - especially for outdoor workers during colder months - wear this as a preventative measure
  •     Soothes Period Pains when worn over the abdomen
  •     Especially effective for motorbike riders, cyclists basically anyone that wants to keep the cold away from their abdomen, lower back and side
  •     All necessary equipment provided including a 15v power pack and charger
  •     Belt contains and holds all the necessary equipment in an integrated manner

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