There are many varied discussions, think tanks and government bodies/agencies debating the best way to progress with renewable energy connections to local and national grids. Indeed, as technology has advanced we have seen the implementation of solar and wind farms that are able to generate power that feeds back to the grid. 

Their efficiency & payback is often debated, what cannot be argued against is that there is, amongst many other reasons, the need to reduce our reliance on atmosphere polluting power stations, limited supplies of resources, power provided by nations to other nations (i.e become more energy self reliant), damage to the environment etc 

However, following on from this we at Cyber Energy think a wider debate relating to off-grid technologies should be had.

With consumerism growing exponentially and our thirst for power hungry gadgets and devices being met and then wetted again, there are many ways that the average person can keep their smart phones, laptops, iphones etc etc topped up with power without having to touch a mains outlet for some time.

For example:

How many people have left their mobile or laptop charger on when it has charged ? well there are devices that will stop the 'ghost' charge such as those manufactured by Savasocket

How many people get to work and plug their mobile into a power point ? when they could use a solar battery charger that would recharge their phone multiple times, or used a convenient solar bag or solar back pack to charge/store when on the move?

Use solar power lighting (solar lights) ? well times have changed, with LEDS now using 1w or so your garden, camping, task lighting would be more than catered for

Going camping, travelling, boating,hiking and still looking for a mains outlet ?... kind of defeats the purpose of being in the great outdoors doesn't it !..well there are solutions e.g 12v solar panels

We could go on sighting examples but we hope we make the point.

So why are we not using such simple, cheap devices ?

What is needed is a sea change in culture where it is seen as "hip" and/or " the right thing to do" to try wherever possible to use self generating power devices and devices that can better manage our power consumption requirements.

Our aim at Cyber Energy is do exactly that, to make available products that reduce the reliance on grid consumption whether it be electricity,gas or water whilst at the same time enabling users to go about their normal way of life and benefit from cheaper energy and a reduced carbon footprint.

How did we become who we are ...

Well, we would like to say that we started the business with a grand strategy in mind....but truth be told...... we started with installing PV (Photo voltaic panels) as electrical engineers in 2008 and from this we started to sell devices that would save electricity, generate electricity, store electricity and reduce energy consumption, saving people money and reducing their carbon footprint.

We do really believe that there are other options available to the consumer and to businesses that will reduce our impact on the atmosphere and harness naturally ( and renewable ) available energy resources.

We are not environmental fundamentalists (although, like most people we do have concerns surrounding what we are ALL doing to our planet), but believers that there are other energy generating & energy saving options available.

With technology advancing at such a pace it would be foolish of us as individuals not to play our part in using natural power wherever possible and utilising technological developments.

Furthermore, with electricity, gas and water prices constantly on the rise you would be crazy not to try and save yourself money !

So here we are, Cyber Energy, providing energy solutions and energy saving devices.

You can call us or email us any time and we will do our best to answer your questions and provide you with as much help and guidance as possible as quick as we can.

Whilst you may find cheaper alternatives elsewhere (we could as well) we prefer to provide you with products that really are built for the user in mind rather than built for the lowest possible cost and corners cut at various points of manufacture (some more obvious than others). After all, we all have to work for our money so why buy an inferior product when you and your money deserve better and get a superior built, harder working and more advanced product.  

We try to test and use all the products that we promote as much as possible to ensure that we are confident in their capabilities and their use.

Our commitment relating to communication is that we will respond to all emails and submitted web enquiries within 24 hours and our actual response time is 4.25 hours.

Please also use the links to our site security, privacy, terms and conditions and delivery & returns pages for further information on these topics.

We hope that you enjoy our site and all that we can offer and if there is anything that you are not happy about or you have a suggestion then please let us know.

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